We're a learning and development toy company, Using toys to teach what textbooks can't.

A multi-award-winning educational tool used in 1000s of schools and offices worldwide, The Empathy Toy is a collaborative puzzle game that can only be solved when players learn to understand each other.

  • ages 6–99
  • guidebooks with 50+ ways to play
  • 3–20 players per kit

Empathy Toy® Workshops

Our team of expert facilitators travels the world leading hands-on workshops in empathic leadership, communication and collaboration.

  • tailored for your team
  • anywhere in the world
  • free 15mmin discovery call to find out more

Empathy Toy® Training

Discover the wide range of applications for the Empathy Toy and start integrating it into your own workshops.

  • 1 full day of in-person training
  • digital badge
  • access to online portal and toy library

The Failure Toy® pre-order now

Our latest creation is a game of balance and experimentation that's already winning over teams in our Failure Toy workshops. Pre-order now to get your very own Failure Toy Summer 2020!

Failure Toy® Workshops

Delivered by our expert facilitators, our Failure Toy workshops help teams all over the world develop a healthier, more productive understanding of failure.

  • tailored for your team
  • anywhere in the world
  • free 15min discovery call to find out more

Failure Toy® Training coming soon

Discover the wide range of applications for the Failure Toy and start integrating it into your own workshops.

So why are we bringing toys back?

Well, because we lose almost all of our creative genius in the 21 years between ages 4 and 25!

That's a big problem because creativity, collaboration, and social‑emotional skills are key to success in the 21st century.

Loved By

  • Brian Bowman,
    Mayor of Winnipeg,
    Manitoba, Canada

    “[St. John's High School] had a huge reduction in bullying [an 85% drop in conflict-based office referrals] as a result of Empathy Toys."

  • Tara John,
    Head, Talent, Inclusion and Learning,
    Bank of Montreal

    “I have seen first hand the powerful impact the Empathy Toy has had on our leaders at Bank of Montreal.”

  • Amanda Lang
    Anchor, BNN Bloomberg,
    Bestselling author of The Beauty of Discomfort

    “[The Empathy Toys] don't just develop empathy - they also foster resilience, collaboration, and creativity.”

  • TIME Magazine
    September 2014

    “One of six new technologies shaping classrooms of the future…”

  • Pasi Sahlberg
    Director-General, Finland’s Ministry of Education

    “Toys that help kids become global leaders: The Empathy Toy is my favorite.”

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