Play is a powerful tool for learning. Toys, and the games we play with them, have a lot to teach us about ourselves and the way we interact with our classmates, our teams, and our families.


We offer the kind of workshops that shake up the expectations for PD sessions. Within minutes, we'll have your team laughing, playing, and starting powerful conversations that will leave them with meaningful insights into the way they communicate, collaborate, and solve problems. We know that play is one of the best ways to learn, and we offer resources and tangible next steps that you can take with your team to keep the play and learning going long after we leave.


The Empathy Toy™ comes with the Ways to Play Map and a guidebook to support you in playing it right out of the box. We know that many of you are looking to explore how you can integrate the Empathy Toy™ into programs and workshops, learn or further develop your facilitation skills, and bounce questions and ideas around with others. Our Level 1: Empathy Toy™ Training is an opportunity to experiment and explore some of the powerful questions that the toy can be used to examine. Hosted by expert Empathy Toy™ facilitators, this training will help you take your conversations and facilitation to the next level.