The Empathy Toy® Online Kit

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Your Empathy Toy® Online Kit lets you do just that, play online! We'll ship you 5 beautifully crafted puzzle pieces (either maple or walnut wood) and a blindfold directly to your door. This physical puzzle is solved when players connect online and work to understand each other, and it forms the basis of a variety of games available to our global community.

You can use the pieces in one of our upcoming Empathy Toy® Global Play Sessions or in your very own Online Empathy Toy Workshop. Let's make the internet a more playful and empathic place.


  • 5 wooden toy pieces (we'll send you either maple or walnut pieces), enough for 1 player to join an online play session
  • 1 Twenty One Toys Blindfold
  • An open invitation to play the Empathy Toy with our global community and connect with other playful, empathic people.
  • If you haven't yet already, make sure to signup for our Empathy Toy® Global Play Sessions so you can play your Empathy Toy Online with us!

We know we don't have a "one-size-fits-all" global community!
If you'd like to discuss options to customize the number of toys or host a workshop for a large group, book a call with us and we'll work with you on a plan that works for your team!

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