The Empathy Toy® Online Kit

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Your Empathy Toy® Online Kit lets you do just that, play online! We'll ship you 5 beautifully crafted puzzle pieces (either maple or walnut wood) and a blindfold directly to your door. This physical puzzle is solved when players connect online and work to understand each other, and it forms the basis of a variety of games available to our global community.

You can use the pieces in one of our upcoming Community Calls or in your very own Online Empathy Toy Workshop. Let's make the internet a more playful and empathic place.


  • 5 wooden toy pieces (we'll send you either maple or walnut pieces), enough for 1 player to join an online play session
  • 1 Twenty One Toys Blindfold
  • An open invitation to play the Empathy Toy with our global community and connect with other playful, empathic people.
  • If you haven't yet already, make sure to signup for our Community Calls so you can play your Empathy Toy Online with us!

We know we don't have a "one-size-fits-all" global community!
If you'd like to discuss options to customize the number of toys or host a workshop for a large group, book a call with us and we'll work with you on a plan that works for your team!

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