Professional Development Workshop with the Empathy Toy at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Empathy Toy 90-Minute Workshop Chinese University of Hong Kong

90-minute workshop

“Intro to Empathy in Your Team”

Help your team assess and start refining their collaborative style. Over the course of two rounds of immersive gameplay, participants will have multiple opportunities to draw connections between game outcomes and the collaborative strategies needed for success in their own work.

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Professional Development Workshop with the Empathy Toy with Peel District School Board in Ontario
Empathy Toy 3-Hour Workshop Peel District School Board, Ontario

3-hour workshop

“Empathy, Innovation, and Collaboration”

Explore the intimate connection between empathy, innovation and collaboration. This workshop will take you through an evolving series of game scenarios and facilitated discussions that will lead you to practical insights about how you can increase the level of understanding, creativity and cooperation in your team.

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Loved by

St George's School
United Way Toronto
Peel District School Board
Alzheimer Society Toronto

There is a direct link between empathy and commercial success. Businesses are more profitable and productive when they act ethically, treat their staff well, and communicate better with their customers.

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Start building empathy, innovation, and collaboration in your team