The Empathy Toy® Teacher's Kit

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A kit to develop 21st-century skills in K-12 students

Designed for students and educators who work with young people across the K-12 age range, this kit supports the development of empathic leaders by practicing an array of universal learning skills, including active listening, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving. With materials to engage between 3-20 players at a time, the Empathy Toy® Teacher's Kit is a perfect fit for classrooms, libraries, and extra-curricular programs.

The Educators Guidebook includes games and discussion frameworks for Creative Dialogue, Teamwork & Collaboration, Autonomous Learning, and Making Real-World Connections. The Educator's Guidebook and Ways to Play Map in this kit help you integrate the Empathy Toy® into your lessons and current work, helping you to connect empathy to a wide variety of subjects and themes.

  • 52+ game scenarios
  • Good for 1 classroom
  • 3–20 players
2 Toy Sets (20 pieces)
1 Educator's Guidebook for K-12 - Learning Foundations edition
Ways to Play map with 9 plug-and-play game templates
4 Blindfolds
2 Drawstring Bags for travel
Apple not included
  • Settings K - 12
  • Good for 1 - 2 classrooms
  • 3 – 25 players
  • 52+ game scenarios

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K-12 Educators’ Guidebook Preview

  • Empathy as the Foundation for Learning Page 3

  • Table of Contents Page 6

  • School Climate Applications for the Empathy Toy® Page 14

  • Academic Applications for the Empathy Toy® Page 16

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