Designing for Children Conference


The Designing for Children Conference is an event being held at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay)

If only we could make it to this event! It is part of a series of events concerned with designing for children with focus on 'play' and 'learn' The Educational Meet workshop:
  • focussed on creating guidelines for using the philosophy of "Design and Innovation" and applying it as a method to teach school subjects in India. "The methodology of how design is learnt by hands on experience can make a difference to the process of learning different subjects in schools."
  • "Design process involves knowledge gathering, analysis, discovery, and conceptualisation resulting in a problem solving activity and this in turn leads to experiential learning."
You can also check out pdfs of the presentations given by each presenter!! I'd recommend reading up on You Design It: A Self Directed Design Workshop for Children by Bryan Howell
The workshop is designed to overcome tendencies to limit research and exploration in the initial phases of the design process. It encourages participants to view their world with new eyes, to see “what could be”, not just “what is”
So great!