Combining Commerce and Creativity at C2MTL 2012

A Business Conference, Only Different

In May, Twenty One Toys was at C2-MTL 2012, an exciting event showcasing Commerce and Creativity. The event featured incredible speakers including Francis Ford Coppola, Arianna Huffington, and several others using design and creativity to change the world of business.

Twenty One Toys Winner of Emerging Entrepreneurs Award

Our founder Ilana Ben-Ari participated in a Burning Questions Panel, referred to on the event blog as "Ideas from space, spoken on lawn chairs". Ilana shared the same stage with Arianna Huffington, Coppola, and many more, including executives from Google and DreamWorks Animation. In the panel discussion, Ilana explained that sometimes “eureka” moment comes with a frustrating price, after working on an idea for weeks, and then in the end coming up with a better idea altogether. However, the work in the lead-up helps you come up with the new, better idea, as Ilana shared, “It’s not wrong or right – it’s just part of the process."

To attend C2-MTL and present on the panel, Ilana was selected from a group of 25 winners of the Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest as chosen by the Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation's panel of experts. Among many amazing speakers, Sid Lee's Chairman, Bertrand Cesvet, spoke about how the the Creative Experience is an emotional journey; and the CEO of Cirque du Soleil, Daniel Lamarre, spoke about unmasking innovation. Twenty One Toys thoroughly enjoyed the creative, entertaining, inspiring experience at Montreal's C2-MTL 2012.

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